Bonds & Stirs

At EverFX you can open spread trades on Interest Rates. Bonds and short-term interest rates (STIRs) often move in tandem with each other as expectations of base-rate rises increase, may come the fall of bonds and STIRs and vice versa.

Why Trade Bonds & Stirs With EverFX?


Choose from seven popular Bonds and STIRS and trade using the EverFX platform.

  • BOBL
  • BUND
  • BUXL
  • GILT

Unique Risk v Reward

STIR futures allow spread and strategy trading which offers a risk reward profile incomparable to other financial markets.

No Investment Limit

Start trading stocks with as low or as high of an amount as you choose


EverFX offers lowest spreads starting form 0 pips. Spreads are your initial trading cost; low spreads mean low cost.

View our Contract Specifications for full details.